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Today's 300mm facilities are the most advanced wafer processing fabs we ever had, the increase in wafer size brought with it the move for a fully automated line. As such the fabs' management teams are facing unique challenges of utilizing high volume manufacturing while implementing the latest technology processes. Along with all the benefits that accompany such technology, all 300mm veterans discovered that while operators are no longer controlling the fab, the automation sytems, together with the human players are not straight forward to manage.

Line automation, control systems, and dispatching mechanisms are the setting limit for fab performance. Given this situation, the utilization of the manufacturing tools, and the optimization of Automated Material Handling Systems, Real Time Dispatching, and all fab resources is critical for meeting demands, achieving maximum capacity, and reducing cycle times to assure on time deliveries.

MAX's operations experts are the only independent source for 300mm operational knowledge that comes from experience in both the fab design process and real world 300mm manufacturing. Our team can lead the way from the tool selection, optimal tool configuration, Real Time Dispatching Logic and coding, to fab wide performance improvement.

Owning a 300mm Fab and staying profitable means you must have your bottleneck tools running at well above 90% Equipment Effectiveness consistently. MAX's team can get your fab to this level of performance.

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