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Gone are the days when technology leadership was enough to bring success to an LED supplier. As the adoption of LED lighting solutions continues to accelerate around the world, manufacturers find themselves challenged to make breakthrough steps in improving lumen/dollar and lumen/watt - fast gains in product performance must be achieved at the same time as significant cost down and yield increases. At MAX we believe that achieving improvements on multiple KPIs in parallel is required to compete in this ever-growing business. The same operational improvement tools and methodologies that MAX Operational teams have proven in the semiconductor industry can be applied to both front end and back end LED manufacture, driving up OEE and pulling down operational costs to allow you to maintain competitiveness. In addition, our Project Management expertise will help drive your New Product Introduction processes to new levels of efficiency, allowing you to release more new technologies, first time right and faster. The LED industry is going to remain fast paced and challenging in the coming years, but with MAX as your partner you can take on this challenge with confidence



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