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For most of our customers manufacturing is the heartbeat of their organization. Sure, we all have to deal with global supply chains, the market, investors, customers and competitors, but to keep everyone happy and the latter at bay, getting the most efficient manufacturing process is the secret sauce. The buzzwords are flying high, digital transformation, digital operations, customer excellence, data driven operations, and last but not least, Industry 4.o. And if it sounds like something painful and expensive, it may very well end up being just that.

Our approach is different, we have data running in our vanes, our industry is data driven since the 19080s, so getting data across the organization is not something new, but instead of trying to have some artificial intelligence algorithm swoop in and save the day, at a hefty price tag, to only learn it will compound our problems by adding another unknown into our decisions, we suggest a simpler approach.

First get your manufacturing streamlined and the business processes from order to cash optimized, then map the data you really need to make intelligent decision in real time and find the source of the most accurate up to date for each of your KPIs. Only after you have done all that, you can start looking at the automated decision making that industry 4.0 and AI can bring. You will find out that now you actually solved half your pain points in the process and can intelligently deploy a solution that is smaller in scope, cost effective, fast accurate and effective. 

And you do not need to go it alone, we are here to get your manufacturing and supporting organizations to world class performance, and also to help you deploy the AI framework that will then keep them all performing at that level for the years to come.

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